Aaron Olivera

Earth 300
Founder & CEO

Aaron Olivera has lived most of his working life in Asia, and has experienced working in a myriad of industries; from training and development, to publishing, hospitality and yachting. In 2015 Aaron started learning about the urgency and the gravity of the state of our planet and realised that generating dividends and preserving the planet were not mutually exclusive. Aaron then founded Earth 300, a global environmental interdisciplinary initiative dedicated to combating climate change, that marries science, technology, adventure, and education. 

Aaron is a member of the invite-only Monaco Private Label presided by Prince Albert II of Monaco, and of The Explorers Club (NYC). Aaron is a UK National from Gibraltar; with a BSc Psychology at the University of Greenwich (UK) and a MSc Organisational Psychology at the University of Nottingham (UK).

SUTUS editions: 2021, 2022