Carlota Pérez-Reverte

University of Cadiz
Underwater Archaeologist

Carlota Pérez-Reverte is an underwater archaeologist and holds a PhD in Maritime Archaeology from the University of Cadiz.

As a historian and archaeologist she has participated in different excavations and research projects, although she has been mainly dedicated to the field of heritage management and dissemination. She has developed the Tourism Toolkit for European Maritime and Underwater Cultural Heritage and is currently working, within the University of Cadiz, on different proposals to make the underwater cultural heritage of the region more accessible to the public.

The Line of Nautical and Underwater Archaeology of the University of Cadiz, participates since 2017 in various national and international projects dedicated to the research of underwater cultural heritage, such as the Interreg TIDE and CREAMARE, the Erasmus + U-MAR, or the HERAKLES Project, financed with FEDER funds.  All these projects are accompanied by a dissemination program that aims to bring the underwater cultural heritage closer to society through various tools such as the creation of an underwater archaeological park with visitable prices, the development of immersive experiences based on virtual reality and augmented reality, or collaboration with different institutions and companies for the development of responsible and sustainable tourism products linked to this heritage.

SUTUS editions: 2021, 2022