José Mariano López-Urdiales

Zero 2 Infinity
Founder & CEO

José Mariano López-Urdiales founded in 2009 the “Zero 2 Infinity” project in Barcelona, relying on about thirty partners, but especially on a Spanish company which is the world leader in the balloon manufacturing industry: Ultramagic.

Sparked by a lifetime exposure to rockets, balloons, and Space Exploration projects in which his father was involved, Jose Mariano became an entrepreneur in 2009 when he founded Zero 2 Infinity to change the way we access Space. He’s convinced that frequent and low-cost access to Space can be achieved without relying on new technologies by leveraging what already exists in a different way. Prior to building Zero 2 Infinity he graduated from MIT and gained experience at Boeing Phantom Works, the Boston Consulting Group, and the European Space Agency.

SUTUS editions: 2021, 2022