Lola Higueras

First Spanish Archaeologist

Mª Dolores Higueras Rodríguez. Born in Madrid in 1945, she is an Americanist. Professor of History of Art. Diver, naval archaeologist and Technical Director of the Naval Museum of Madrid, until her retirement in 2005.
From a very young age, Lola Higueras was able to combine her great passions: diving, Americanist and naval research, teaching and travel.

In the field of underwater archaeology she developed an intense work, first from the National Board of Archaeology and then from the Center for Underwater Naval Historical and Naval Studies of the Naval Museum in which through her research she has documented in various archives, more than 2000 Spanish historical shipwrecks.

Present at numerous professional diving congresses since 1970, she has extended and disseminated this scientific discipline, giving courses at various universities. She has curated important exhibitions and participated in numerous radio and TV programs to disseminate the rich Spanish submerged heritage and promote its defense. As well as the knowledge and dissemination of the Spanish naval historical heritage.

But undoubtedly her most important dedication has been the study and dissemination of Spanish Maritime History and in particular the Enlightened Navy and the scientific-maritime voyages to America and the Pacific in the 18th century.

More than 90 books and articles endorse her career in these scientific disciplines. She has curated important exhibitions to disseminate, among the general public, the value of the Spanish naval heritage and the great maritime-scientific expeditions of the Enlightenment.

In this same line, she has presented papers and moderated scientific sessions in more than 70 congresses around the world.

In the publishing field she has developed an intense work. Among her most outstanding achievements are the scientific coordination of the monumental publication of “Fuentes de la Expedición de Malaspina y Bustamante 1789-1794”, in nine large volumes, as well as the direction of the series “Ciencia y Mar” of the Lunwerg publishing house, in which great works of research and facsimiles of exceptional value have been published. This series is undoubtedly the most important publishing effort carried out in Spain for the knowledge of Spanish maritime history and heritage.

Her intense professional life has led her to teach courses in numerous universities in Spain and America. She is a member of relevant national and international Societies and Institutions and has received many professional distinctions, including the appointment of “Collaborator of Honor” of the Department of History of America I of the Complutense University of Madrid. The Plaque of Honor of the Centro di Studi Malaspiniani. Italy. The “Diver of Honor” from the Spanish Navy Diving Center, which has also distinguished her with two Naval Merit Crosses. In 2005 she was named “Member of Honor” of the Spanish Geographic Society.

She is a Corresponding Academician of the National Academy of Argentine History and of the Royal Academy of Spanish History.

From 2005 to 2015 he has been a member of the Royal Board of Trustees of the Naval Museum of Madrid.
In 2008 the Alvargonzález Foundation, in collaboration with the Naval Museum of Madrid, published the work “Navegare necesse es. Estudios de Historia marítima en honor de Lola Higueras” in which important scholars from all over the world participated.

She has been vice-president of the Spanish Geographical Society until May 2022 and is part of the Editorial Committee of its Journal.

In December 2018 she was appointed Patron of the Alvargonzález Foundation of Gijón.

In November 2018 the work “La vuelta al mundo de Magallanes-Elcano. La aventura imposible 1519-1522” A very ambitious work published by Lunwerg- Planeta with the support of the V Centenary Commission of the First Around the World and the Cervantes Institute. On this occasion, she has lectured in Palermo, Beijing, Shanghai, Tokyo and Nagoya, as well as in several Spanish cities.

Her latest publication, published by Planeta for the company Accenture in 2021, is the work “Magellan-Elcano. A new vision of the world”. In collaboration with Albert Bosch. A very important work from the editorial point of view.

In October 2022, she received the Periplo Research Award in Tenerife. For her historical works on travel and discoveries. On that occasion she was interviewed in an extensive talk by Rosa María Calaf, on the topic “My life in front of the sea”.

In December 2022 she was appointed Corresponding Academician of the Royal Academy of the Sea.

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