Oliver Chiabodo

The Explorers

After medical studies and a strong taste for exploring faraway territories, Olivier had the opportunity to produce and carry out adventure programs for French television. Even though a seemingly straightforward career was put aside, Olivier never really gave up his medical vocation. The pursuit of his professional career combines his scientific training with two of his other passions: adventure and the media. 

Initially, a radio host (RMC), television host for TF1 (the largest TV channel in Europe), in 1999, Olivier started producing: he designed adventure games («La Carte aux Trésors», in french The Treasure Map), documentary series («Les Carnets de Noé», «La plus grande forêt du monde» respectively in french Noah’s Notebooks, The Greatest Forest in the World) and special events including «Passage à l’an 2000» (Year 2000), live from the Tongas Islands. His programs are always imagined with the following objectives: linking human beings, the discovery of the world, and cutting edge technology (HD, 3D and now 4K & 8K).

The planet’s composition is similar to that of man on the surface of the Earth, 70% water for 30% solid. For more than seven years, just as he learned for his patients, Olivier conducts, with a team of specialists in video, a thorough check-up of the planet, with the Earth Inventory.

Their initiative ‘The Ultra High Definition’ video images for this inventory are available on different media; television and digital with a participative platform available in 17 languages and in more than 170 countries. 

The Explorers is now the world’s largest 8K and 4K catalog dedicated to earth with a free digital community platform. Available on smartphones, tablets, computers, and smart TV the global digital platform was launched on November 7, 2019.

Nine months after the launch, The Explorers App has more than 10 million downloads.

The ambition driving them is: «know better to protect better» the Earth.

SUTUS editions: 2021