Guillermo Söhnlein

Co-founder and CEO

Guillermo is a serial entrepreneur with deep experience in space and oceans, as well as a passion for exploration and sustainability. He has launched 10 for-profit ventures and 4 nonprofit organizations, while also organizing and leading 6 ocean exploration expeditions involving crewed submersibles. He is an advisor, mentor, teacher, and speaker on a variety of topics related to the exploration and sustainable settlement of extreme environments on Earth, underwater, and in space.

He currently serves as co-founder and CEO of Humans2Venus, co-founder and CEO of Blue Marble Exploration, co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer of Space Bridge Partners, and founder and CEO of Fortivo Music, as well as founder and Chairman of the Humans2Venus Foundation. He was previously founder of Space Angels Network and co-founder of OceanGate.

A former officer in the United States Marine Corps, Guillermo earned his A.B. in Economics from the University of California at Berkeley and his J.D. from the University of California San Francisco College of the Law. He is currently based out of Barcelona, Spain.

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