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Ángel Expósito, COPE: “Space tourism is not as crazy as it seems”

Wednesday July 14, 2021 | Space

  • The director of “La Linterna” of the Spanish radio station COPE, Ángel Expósito, interviews the CEO of Les Roches Marbella, Carlos Díez de la Lastra.
  • SUTUS (Space & Underwater Tourism Universal Summit) will be the first event to analyze the space race between millionaires that is being followed around the world.


Ángel Expósito, director of “La Linterna” of COPE radio network and one of the winners of the latest radio audience studies in Spain, has addressed the issue of space tourism, in the context of the multi-millionaires Richard Brandson, Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk’s stratospheric rivalry, and has concluded that “space tourism is not as crazy as it seems”.

Expósito interviewed the CEO of Les Roches Marbella, Carlos Díez de la Lastra, who is organizing, together with Medina Media Events, the Universal Summit of Space and Underwater Tourism (SUTUS). This event will bring together the main space agencies from all over the world on September 22-24, during the Fall Equinox.

NASA, the European Space Agency (ESA) and the Japanese Space Agency JAXA, among others, will participate along with experts, companies and international companies to offer a pioneering overview in the world that offers a showcase of the challenging exploration beyond the borders “above our heads and below our feet”.

“We are a lot closer than people think to expanding our limits,” said Carlos Díez de la Lastra, CEO of the French-Swiss academic institution Les Roches Marbella, one of the world’s top three in Hospitatily.

Ángel Expósito asked Carlos Díez de la Lastra to compare Magellan’s adventure, which now marks the 500th anniversary of his round-the-world voyage, with the race for luxury space tourism now being led by the CEOs of Virgin Galactic (Richard Brandson), Blue Origin (Jeff Bezos) and SpaceX (Elon Musk).

“It’s so much easier now. We do not appreciate well enough the scope of this achievement of the Spanish explorers when everything was far more difficult,” said Díez de la Lastra.

The CEO of Les Roches Marbella has highlighted a very important historical detail: “Now the leading agencies in the race for luxury space and underwater tourism gather in Marbella, in Andalusia. And the great expeditions to America, to discover the New World and travel all around the world, also started from Andalusia”.

“All this is closer than we think,” added the CEO of Les Roches Marbella, an institution that has university campuses in Shanghai (China), Crans-Montana (Switzerland), London (Great Britain) and Marbella (Spain).

The SUTUS 2021 conferences can be followed through the Medina Media Events platform, under registration, that will open one month before the event.

SUTUS 2021 has the support of the Ministry of Tourism of the Junta de Andalucía, Tourism and Planning Costa del Sol and Extenda.

You can listen to the full interview here.