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Euro Moon Mars, Training Researchers, Astronauts and Entrepreneurs

Friday July 1, 2022 | Video

How can we train  Researchers, Astronauts and Entrepreneurs for Space Moon Mars Exploration ?

Euro Moon Mars is an ILEWG/LUNEX programme in collaboration with space agencies, academia, universities and research institutions and industries. The programme includes research activities for data analysis, instruments tests and development, field tests in MoonMars analogue, pilot projects, training and hands-on workshops, and outreach activities.

Extreme environments on Earth often provide similar terrain conditions to sites on the Moon and Mars. We rehearse mission operations in the field and through simulations. EuroMoonMars field campaigns were conducted in ESTEC, EAC, at Utah MDRS station , Eifel, Rio Tinto, Iceland, La Reunion, LunAres AATC bases in Poland, and at Hawaii. Latest campaigns have been conducted jointly between Euro Moon Mars –International Moon Base Alliance –HI-SEAS (EMMIHS) at Mauna Loa Hawaii since 2018.

Samples of different lava flows from Mauna Loa have been compared to measurements of the Mars Exploration Rovers (MER). We conducted also EVAs in lava tubes accessible from HI-SEAS, Hawaii, and in Iceland We performed in 2019-2020 scouting analogue campaigns in Iceland.The Euro Moon Mars CHILL-ICE mission in July-August 2021, was set in the Surtshellir-Stefanshellir cave system in the Hallmundarhraun lava flow located in Western Iceland.

We tested instruments and equipment (rovers, drones) in a lunaranalogue field terrain. 2×3 astronauts in EVA deployed ECHO emergency shelter in a lavatube where they stayed for 2×3 days. In Chile, the Atacama Desert and the neighboring Arid Central Andes (Puna) represent a geographical site whose particular environmental conditions make it a potential Mars analogue. A scout Chile Moon Mars campaign was organized in February 2021, and a large Atacama Ojos del Salado campaign was conducted 21 Feb-6 March 2022.

We supported telerobotic campaigns at Etna in 2017 (DLR/ROBEX), and one in June 2022 (ARCHES collaboration) and organized EMM-Etna in July 2021. 

A new effort with external partners building on previous Art Moon Mars and Euro Moon Mars programmes led to the definition of a new MoonMars initiative with broader objectives to develop opportunities and funding, to various groups including space artists. ArtMoonMars also collaborates with Space Renaissance Art chapter