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Zero 2 Infinity, a leading Spanish company in the space world

Thursday September 1, 2022 | Video

The company Zero 2 Infinity will be at SUTUS 22 By Les Roches in Marbella talking about balloon space tourism, the most sustainable choice.

In 2009 we recognized that the space should not be just for large companies. Small businesses, schools, universities and lovers of our Earth and Space should be able to contribute. Why shouldn’t they join the next great adventure? We want people to be able to get their projects into orbit quickly and cheaply and capitalize on the exciting opportunities created by innovations in space technology. That’s why Jose Mariano Lopez-Urdiales and the team launched Zero 2 Infinity and that’s why we haven’t stopped working on it.

Since then, we have successfully transported heavy commercial payloads into near space using our balloon technology. By helping these projects succeed, we power our future economies and expand our understanding of the world and universe in which we live. Collectively, our team has backgrounds in aerospace management, aerospace engineering, avionics engineering, international space law, innovation, marketing and communications.

A company made in Spain

Zero 2 Infinity is a Spanish company that designs high altitude balloons to provide access to near space and low earth orbit. To do this, use a balloon-carried capsule and a balloon-carried launcher. José Mariano López-Urdiales, current CEO of this company, which is based in Barcelona, ​​founded it 13 years ago.

Zero 2 Infinity is a reference within the space world.

It has been testing high-altitude balloons and launching small payloads to high altitudes for scientific institutions and commercial private companies with the goal of testing items above most of Earth’s atmosphere. This test has a great advantage over conventional systems and has a lower impact on the environment.