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SUTUS is the first event on Space and Underwater Tourism to be held in the world. Internationally renowned speakers will talk about the most ambitious challenges in tourism sector, Space and Water, sharing knowledge and business opportunities.

SUTUS is a meeting point for the world’s leading luxury tourism companies.

Will you join us on this unique and exclusive journey?
We are waiting for you in Marbella, Costa del Sol, the epitome of luxury.

    First event on Space & Underwater Tourism

    SUTUS is the first international Summit on Space and Underwater Tourism ever held in the world. A unique opportunity to bring together leading companies in the field of Luxury Tourism and share business opportunities.

    An exclusive place

    SUTUS networking flows on the campus of Les Roches Marbella. A unique and exclusive place where, in addition to listening to masterful keynotes, you can enjoy and converse during the different cocktails offered.

    Speakers SUTUS 2021

    [ Coming soon ]

    Sam Scimemi

    Director for International Space Station (ISS) at NASA Headquarters

    Tony Gannon

    Vice President, Research & Innovation "Space Florida"

    Bernard Foing

    Head of the International Lunar Exploration Group (ESA)


    Andalucía Directo of Canal Sur TV echoes SUTUS 2019

    The first world forum of Space and Underwater Tourism where it is discussed what is going to happen beyond the borders have managed to gather in Les Roches experts from NASA, ESA, Harris Corporation and Space Florida, among others, during September 23 and 24: SUTUS 2019.

    News TVE on SUTUS 2019

    Marbella is currently celebrating a Space and Underwater Tourism event because, although it seems to be a lie, there are still places not conquered by tourists. Trips to the moon, visits to space stations, hotels on the seabed are a reality and others are nearby. The ticket to the moon would cost about 80 million


    After the success of the first international summit on Space and Underwater Tourism (SUTUS 2019), held on September 23 and 24 in Les Roches Marbella, the organization announces the new edition of the event in 2020, also coinciding with the Autumn Equinox. More than 250 professional attendees and students from more than 90 countries have followed with great



    Les Roches Marbella Global Hospitality Education

    The perfect impeller, the host of excellence

    ★ Les Roches Global Hospitality Education – Ranked among the world’s top 3 institutions for employer reputation in hospitality and leisure management and among the top 3 Swiss institutions in hospitality and leisure management.

    ★ The only leading Swiss school in Spain specializing in the field of hotel management, hospitality and luxury tourism.

    ★ Students from over 120 countries.

    ★ An active network with 12,000 members all over the world. The Alumni Association helps members stay connected and informed of social and professional events and opportunities. (33% entrepreneurs).

    ★ Les Roches enjoys worldwide recognition. In 2017, it hosted the 2nd Global Conference on Tourism Talent Development: Strategies for Competitive Destinations organized by UNWTO and Les Roches Marbella.

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